Creating a farm is very simple on Mr.Miner.

1 - Give your farm a name.
2 - Select the coin you wish to mine.
3- Select the miner you want to mine selected coin.

After selecting miner parameter boxes will appear. Parameter boxes is important to create the command line. So please be careful while entering them correctly.

Pool : The pool address that you are mining in.
Wallet : Your wallet address
Parameters : Extra parameters for command line.(You can learn more about parameters from that miners website).

In some miners like ccminer, sgminer, there will be a algorithm box. You have to select the algorithm from the algo list correctly so that your command line to be correct. The algorithms for the coins are located next to that coin name in the coin list.

By the time you start entering your pool and wallet address you will see that the command line is synchronized with the pool and wallet address. This means if you start to write your pool and wallet address it will automatically write them on the command line so that you will not have to do anything else on the command line. But in some cases you would want to add some extra parameters on command line. Therefore we created "Edit command line" button so that you can edit your command line in a desired way. But this is created for expert users so if you do not know what to do please just enter your pool and wallet address. The command line will automatically be created for you.

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